Daniel Buckley - Pastor

MEET Daniel Buckley, pastor at Christian Church of Ashland since June, 2014, and his wife, Charity and their girls, Mikaela, and Gabby.


Daniel and Charity have committed their lives to spreading the news of the Gospel and ministering to others on God's behalf so He can transform lives.  As their family lives in the Ashland area, their mission is to love God and answer His call every day.

Call Daniel at the Church: (541) 482-1561

Lynda Bell - Administrative Assistant

Lynda has been in the office for almost a year now and she has made strides to centralize the communication of the Church through the office.  She is a proud transplanted Ashlander.   Lynda is a great listener and provides insight into the actions of the Church when insight is needed.  Try not to be captivated when you stop by during her office hours, 9am to 1pm Tuesday through Thursday and 9 to noon on Friday, at the corner of 2nd and B if her little helper (Maddie) is here or if you are looking for a good conversation and a positive spirit.



Brad Fish - Technology Coordinator

Brad is the technology expert at CCoA.  He and his wife Ava have a deep commitment to the church body and its mission.  Their compassion for the church and the community of Ashland make them invaluable resources to the church in its entire purpose.  Take a minute to thank them for their work and devotion to furthering God's kingdom.