All about Connections

Connecting to God is an ongoing process where the church helps people begin and continue a life-long faith in God, connecting through prayer, God's Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Connecting to the church is an integral part of CCoA's mission because we are a body of believers who strengthen each other through our fellowship, patterned after Jesus' discipleship during His ministry.  Connecting to the world is carrying out the Great Commission by transmitting the message of the Gospel into our local surroundings and support those who are out on the mission field doing the same. 

Spreading the Good News

As CCoA continues in its purpose here in Ashland, we strive to follow the example set by Jesus and the Apostles in the first century church.  Our task is to understand how the message of the Gospel can be spread to as many people as possible with the resources we have as a church in a new age of technology and vast knowledge at your fingertips. Our history is still being written today, and we would love for you to be a part of God's work here.