What is the truth after all?

The Church has measured truth in the past by the lies that it dispels.  In other words the Church's quest consisted of finding what's wrong with the world and getting rid of it until the only thing left standing could only be the truth.  This might be your experience when you hear the word truth uttered by Christians because you have been criticized for your lies and deceitful living.

However, the truth is actually the reality of a story for all time.  It is a story about a creator who loves the people he created, yet he watches them run from him because they want to live for themselves.  He ultimately wants all people to live with love for him and each other and sends this message through different people throughout the centuries.  There are two choices in this life: to live for God and to live for yourself.  The former is a promising agreement that leads to fulfillment and a partnership with the living God, while the latter choice finds you alone and pondering your existence without any hope. 

These words are controversial and divisive and they lead to the lie dispelling that hurts those outside the church.  But the focus should rather be on the choice to be with God.  When it comes down to a choice, to be with God or without, then it appears to be a fight between good and evil.  The story isn't that simple though because we are created as good and we seek our own selfish desires at times, even when we choose to be with God.  So the controversy should be laid to rest with the end of the story of truth: God sent his son to demonstrate his mercy and grace for us in the midst of our own selfish desires.  When Jesus died on the cross he made our path to God possible even when we look back and see how much we've strayed. 

If you have questions about this truth, come by the church and ask for the pastor or talk to one of our other leaders.