When the Devil Knocks - Week 1 - The Deceiver

In this series, we’re going to prepare people to fight the daily battles they often don’t even know exist: the attempts by Satan to attack our mind with lies, our hearts with pride, and our souls with accusations. By the end of this series, attenders will have two main takeaways: awareness that we have an enemy looking to take us out every day, and confidence that we have the tools to fight from victory instead of for it.

He’s mastered shame and trademarked embarrassment. His lies wound, and his accusations sting. He’ll build up your pride just to throw you down. Yes, the devil is strong, but there’s one power he can’t beat—and it’s on your side. Learn how to answer When the Devil Knocks.

He’s a liar—and he is really, really good at it. What lies has the devil tried to tell you? This weekend, we’ll take a good look at how the devil’s deceit tries to bring us down, and how we can stand strong against him. Are you coming to Week 1 of When the Devil Knocks? Let us know in the comments! #devilknocks

Resources For This Week's Message

Bulletin Outline
Preaching Outline