On January 7th we had for our guest the Xavier Brassuer, the pastor of a new church plant in Ashland, The Story Ashland. You can find their website at TheStoryAshland.org This message was recorded in December 2017.

Resources for this week

Passage: Revelation 21:1-4

Key points:

  • Heaven is not just a place but a person, Jesus!
  • Because God is an infinite God He can be infinitely enjoyed in Heaven! 
  • If we see heaven as the end goal and Jesus as a means to get there we have misunderstood the gospel! 
  • Christ is the center component of Heaven!
  • All joys of Heaven derive from Jesus who is the fountain of supreme joy! 
  • Heaven is not a place where good people go, but a place where sinners go who have sought the mercy Jesus freely offers us through His death and resurrection!