The Story Ashland - Who is God: The Origin of God

Key passage: Genesis 1:1 (ESV)

1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Key Points:

  • The first subject of the first sentence of the Bible is God.
  • The entire bible is first and foremost about God.
  • Genesis 1:1 refutes all man’s false philosophies concerning the origin of God, man, and the world.
  • Creation itself declares the existence of God.
  • God is one and yet there is a plurality within the Godhead.
  • God has existed from eternity past in community with himself.
  • The origin of God is unlike the origin of any other created thing, God is eternal.
  • Eternal refers to an endless past and an unending future.
  • God is not subject to time but exists and operates outside of it.
  • God views all things as an eternal here and now!
  • This eternal God chose to reveal Himself to finite man through His Son Jesus!
  • Jesus stepped into time from eternity to give us a glimpse of God!
  • The fact that God is eternal is the foundation for our hope in eternal life spent with Him!
  • The eternal God has promised us eternal life through His eternal Son!

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