The Story Ashland - Identity: Restored

Passage: Philippians 2:5-8 (ESV)

Key Points:

  • Your identity is: God made you, Jesus saved you.
  • Because of sin man spiritually, morally, and mentally incomplete.
  • Our identity as image bearers was marred by sin, but in Christ it is fully restored.
  • In Christ we become spiritually, morally, and mentally complete.
  • God made man in His likeness and sent His Son in our likeness.
  • Humans needed a human to show us what it looked like to accurately represent and reflect God’s image.
  • Jesus enabled finite man to see what the infinite God is like.
  • Man was made in God’s image, Jesus was the fullness of God’s image.
  • Jesus became like us to show us what God is like and to remove the identity we received from Adam which was "sinners."
  • In Christ our new and renewed identity is Image bearers!
  • Man in Christ is conformed to the image of God.
  • You know you have found vertical identity in Christ when living for His glory brings you the most joy in life.